Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beginner Two-Way Slider Card


  1. Hi, this is Terri of Two Pink Peas. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog as often as you do. It really means alot to me and I notice each and every one of my visitors. I really love your blog and your adorable cards. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. Terri of

  2. Dj Lady S.. my daughter Hallie (she is 10) and I just watched your video on this double slider card and first we just wanted you to know how absolutely ADORABLE you are!! Also, for a beginner what an amazing card you made. It really came out super cute. I have never made one of these but might have to after seeing what you did with it. If I do end up making one I will most certainly give credit to you with a post on my blog. We just wanted to share our comments with you. Take care!! Terri & Hallie