Sunday, October 30, 2011

Welcome a new Sponsor

I would like to thank my very first sponsor, Soy Terrific Candles and Body Cream Candles.

I have become involved with Soy Terrific Candles because I believe in their product and how they are helping the environment not only offering a pure clean burning candle, but all of their products, (jars, wicks, soybean wax, essential oils and vegetable-based coloring) is all bought here in the United States. I don't know about you, but that is very important to me to keep Americans working and getting our products made right here where I live.

Soy Terrific and Body Cream Candles are made locally here in Fontana, California. The candles are poured daily and packaged right when they are ordered. Currently there are over 1300 fragrances available and each one is truly an escape for the mind and senses.

Here are some benefits of 'our' soy candles:

1. Our candles burn with little to no soot
2. Our candles disperse fragrances faster and further
3. Our candles are a GREAT value
4. Any spills can be cleaned up with soap and water
5. We use only 100% pure soy wax and our wicks are 100% organic cotton
6. We offer beautiful colors to match any decor

We currently have over 1300 fragrances that are available. We even take Special Orders!

Visit Soy Terrific Candle today!

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