Friday, June 17, 2011

My First Blogger Award Nomination Yay!!!

Making cards is not the only gratification I get. I have found a really wonderful person, Terri from Two Pink Peas, who was my very first follower on my blog. She and her daughter, Hallie, left me the kindest comment and thanks to Terri and her encouragement, I will do my best to try and make fun and inspiring cards.

You can find Terri's blog here:

Terri nominated me for my very first blogger award which I think is pretty cool! LOL! Thank you Terri. So in order for me to fulfill my nomination, there are a few things I need to do. First, I sent a thank you to Terri for nominating me and posted her link. Second, I have to answer 7 random facts about myself and third, I need to pass the award onto 8 other blog buddies. I may have a problem with the third step. I only have three followers and Terri is one of the three, LOL. Oh well, I will send it to other bloggers that I follow that keep me inspired.

So here it goes:

1. I am a DJ on a local jazz station here in southern California and host my very own internet radio show
2. My oldest daughter, 21, speaks fluent Japanese
3. My youngest daughter, 20, speaks fluent French
4. I will celebrate my 23rd wedding anniversary on Dec. 30th
5. If I had a lot of money, I would be broke because I would help those less fortunate
6. I am planning a jazz concert in honor of my sister who passed away of leukemia and donate the proceeds to further leukemia research
7. I can't say 'split pea soup' three times fast (try it, it's difficult, LOL)

Well, that's as random as I can get. So for the blogs I follow, they are listed below:

2. Ali's Thoughts
3. ChicnScratch
4. Cardz TV
5. Ohhh Snap

I hope all who follow enjoy! Thank you for all your great projects and inpirations!

Lady S


  1. Aww.. you are just SO sweet!! Thank you so much for your really kind comments about me and my daughter Hallie. I am proud to be your first follower and you deserve to have a ton more followers. I will help you with that. Congratulations on your first blog award!! That is really amazing that your daughters speak those gosh!! I can barely speak english and that is my native language..LOL. Like you, I always help out those who are less fortunate. Just a week ago I pulled over and gave a man some money. He had a sign his back that said that he was not a bum but had no job and needed to feed his family. Besides myself I did not see 1 person pull over to give him money. I cried on my way home after talking to him. Sometimes I feel so selfish because I am so blessed and it rips my heart out when I see people like this man and I can't do more. So that is amazing that you are giving like me. I am so glad that I met you and I know we will get to know eachother as time passes!! Terri of Two Pink Peas

  2. Thanks for the award. It was VERY sweet of you!